Monday, June 11, 2012

Things I'm learning in my Distance Ed course

I am really enjoying my Distance Education class at IllinoisState University!

I went into the class thinking I knew more about online education than I probably did. I’ve found the concepts that Dr. T. has introduced to be stretching mentally for me as I’ve worked to learn about and then apply technologies that are new to me. I’ve felt overwhelmed at points and I think this class might work better as a full semester course instead of being taught in six very short weeks.

I am developing more confidence in the online course content that I’m producing as I move through the class. I am becoming more involved with several RSS feeds that I get on Twitter (@ajbeaty)and Google Reader so that I am able to stay current with changes in distance education. I was also exposed to more information about mLearning which is an area that greatly interests me as it relates to options for global theological education.  

While I have experimented with doing some audio and video messages for online classes, I will use the Yodio audio recording tool often in my future classes. I’m already evaluating how I can integrate it into the mentoring that I’m doing. The three schools where I’ve taught online courses each utilize a specific college-wide course management system. I’m evaluating how I can incorporate some of the skills that I’m learning in this class to improve courses in those schools…even if they are in a “more rigid” environment.

One thing that I’ve learned that will stay with me is the need to keep on top of the rapidly changing field of distance education. I need to keep reading, watching, researching, and questioning on a consistent basis in order to not fall behind the current trends.

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